Scary morning

Firstly apologies all I have been one slack blogger lately the first trimester has been kicking my butt and when I get home from work most days I am shattered.  We have had 2 appointments with our OB so far at 8 and 10 weeks and at both both babies were doing well.  I have been on ondansetron for  hyperemesis gravidarum ( severe morning sickness) for 5 weeks now and still can only sometimes eat and it is still mostly crackers so basically the twins are putting me through my paces!  Apart from that everything was going well until this morning.  This morning I woke up and went to the toilet and felt a gush and wiped to discover every pregnant womans worst nightmare bright red blood.  I ran back to bed and told hubby and we decided to wait till the OB opened in an hour rather than rush to a & e.  I rang the OB and they booked me in for a scan at 10 which was the longest wait of my life.  I managed to keep myself calm focussing on the fact I had no cramping or clots.  

The lady we had for the scan was amazing she checked both babies and showed us their heartbeats straight away.  Such a relief and hubby and I both had a little cry. She did find a small subchrionic haematoma which just on the edge of twin A’s placenta but is small and shouldn’t cause a issue but may mean we see some more bleeding.  The twins are starting to look more like babies than blobs which is exciting and we will get to see them in one short week for our NT scan!

OB has said I need to take it easy and poor hubby we are to continue on pelvic rest which we have been I since our earlier spotting and was due to finish in a few short days.  Here are some pics from today!

Special shout outs to Emily Maine who must have sensed this mornings drama and texted me and congrats to Taking our family from 3 to 4 on the birth of her gorgeous little girl.  

11 thoughts on “Scary morning

  1. Sorry for your stress. Looks like everything is ok at the moment. Good luck for the next few weeks and the NT scan. You may need to rest up a bit! Can you work from home?


  2. Oh I’m so happy things are looking great for them both, despite the sch! That isn’t fun, BUT we all know there are much worse situations. Thank you so much for your nice message to us, we’re so beyond over the moon to finally get out little pot of gold! ๐Ÿ™‚ take care sweetie. Xx


  3. I’m so sorry you are suffering from severe morning sickness still, you are doing so well to keep going particularly with your added stresses of bleeding too. It is wonderful to see your scan went well despite all the crappiness being thrown at you with your pregnancy. Hang in there, take it easy and hope you start to feel like eating something nice and tasty soon!


  4. so glad everything is ok with your two little cuties ๐Ÿ™‚ lovely to see them in such detail! Sorry to hear the sickness is hitting you so badly, really hope that it eases up soon xx


  5. I’m a few weeks behind, we had a similar scare with sch! All turned out wonderful despite having bleeding and spotting through the first trimester. My advice, just don’t google too much, people post a lot of horror stories but forget to post about when all goes well! Trust your doctors and that goes a long way!


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