I am still here

Yet again I have been s little quiet here in blog land but I have been keeping up with everyone’s journeys.  

The twins are doing well and I am now 18 weeks pregnant.  It has been 3 weeks since our last bleed which is a record I am hoping will keep climbing and we have had 72hrs spot free so I am desperately hoping we might be at the end of the drama,well fingers crossed. 

We had a scan last week our OB was able to tell us that twin b is a little girl!!! Twin A takes after its cyclist father and was pedalling its little legs like mad so we have to wait till the 20week scan for that one!  

I have ordered the cots and change table and hubby has cleaned out the bike room which will be the nursery so it is all starting to feel real!  

My bump is growing and I look more pregnant than fat these days which is nice!  I still play s game with hubby most mornings, fat or pregnant? He wasn’t good at it to start with always opting for pregnant but he is a bit more honest now!  

Happy Australia Day everyone!! 

14 thoughts on “I am still here

  1. I was wondering about you! Glad to hear the bleed monster is losing steam. How annoying and scary and exhausting that must be to have to worry about. Girl!! Yes!! I’m partial to girls now. I LOVE being a mommy to two girls,even though i always imagined having one of each (in my family, the pairs of kids have nearly always been b+g. I look forward to the 20w scan!! Take care sweetie! Xx


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