Bad to worse

So today was a day of bad to worse.  I started the day with a trip to the endocrinologist, now these appointments are usually uneventful.  Today was the usual thyroid is fine, insulin up due to fasting results still being a little high.  Then he took my blood pressure…… Now since seeing the OB my blood pressure has sat around 110-120/60-70 today’s result 135/90 now this is not super high but not great either.  I rang my OB to let him know and he has pulled my next appointment forward from next Wednesday to this Thursday. 

Next appointment was a Doppler scan at women’s imaging.  Now those of you that have been following us will know Twin A was lagging behind on size but then caught up but has low fluid and last scan had high umbilical resistance.  Now today’s scan showed twin b is now lagging behind on size, twin A is still low on fluid and both had high umbilical resistance.  Basically umbilical resistance can be a sign of the placentas starting to lose function and coupled with increased blood pressure is a strong sign of pre eclampsia.  The radiologist said babies are likely to be coming sooner rather than later so we are basically preparing ourselves to be sent to hospital for steroids on Thursday or after our next scan next Tuesday.  Keep your fingers crossed that the little ones can keep cooking as long as possible!!

26 thoughts on “Bad to worse

  1. Really sorry that you are having these issues. Hope the doctors do what is needed to keep you and your babies healthy. Sending best wishes for you all xxxx


  2. Oh my word – thinking of you and hoping you’re not too stressed. Stay calm and hoping babies can keep cooking as long as possible x x


  3. Bless you, I’m so sorry to hear this. But the great news is that you’re being closely monitored and you can have the steroid injections which make a huge difference. 32 weeks is great for twins, really hoping that all goes smoothly and that you’re all fine and healthy. I’ll be thinking of you xxx


      1. It is, thank you!!! Back in shape, vacation next month then getting back on the serious TTC naturally bandwagon which I’m sure I’ll get frustrated with very quickly. 😉


  4. Be strong mamma. This must be really tough but you can do it! It’s great that you’re as far along as you are. I’ll be praying for strong babies for you.

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