32+ 2 everyday counts

Another day another Doppler scan!  This morning we had another Doppler scan to see how my placentas are functioning……. The results were worse than a week ago with increased resistance  and shunting.  We are off to the OB tomorrow so should get more detail then and have booked another scan for Friday if he doesn’t hospitalise me before then.  Hopefully we can keep them baking a little bit longer!!! 

11 thoughts on “32+ 2 everyday counts

  1. Oh Im sorry things have deteriorated since last week 😦 Hoping you get to keep those babies in for as long as possible. You are at a pretty good stage though if they have to deliver early so that’s good. How are you feeling about it all? Xx


  2. Really sorry to hear this, but great that you’ve got so far along. 34 weeks would be brilliant, but anytime now your little ones will still be perfect 🙂 thinking of you all xxx


  3. I’m sorry the resistance has increased – keeping my fingers crossed for you that they will stay in there as long as is safe. Exciting though that you’ll get to meet them soon! x


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