Change of plans

We were back in for dopplers and with the OB today and my dopplers are stable.  The OB now thinks we might get another week or even 2 with babies cooking.  We still need to go in for dopplers twice a week and if they change the plan could change at any time.  While of course it is amazing these little ones can cook a little longer the planner in me finds it hard.  I thought we had a plan and now we are back to no plan.  

In other news the capsules have been fitted which makes everything feel more real! We also have the pram and adapters which we need to set up.  Once this is done I think we really are prepared for these babies to arrive! 33 weeks 3 days down ?? To go 😀

7 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. Ohh I can so relate!! We planned everything as if baby was coming 2 weeks ahead of his due date because our surro had never naturally gone past that time frame. But then… he decided he wasn’t ready. We went a week, and then another, and all of a sudden we were talking about an induction, which our surro was really against and was never supposed to be part of the plan! It was tough even though I wanted what was best for him and he apparently needed those extra weeks. Adjusting is so hard at this stage, even though it is relatively not much time at all. Now looking back it’s kind of funny to remember how anxious those extra days and weeks made me because the moment he was here I didn’t care about anything else.

    Do your best to get through this week or weeks– get some extra sleep, binge watch some Netflix, and enjoy feeling those little ones move inside you because you can’t put them back in once they’re out! I know a lot of women who really missed that feeling once their babies were born. Plus, rest in the knowledge that every single day those babies are getting stronger and the more time they’re with you, the less time they’re likely to spend in the NICU! That is so important because you’ll want to take them home as soon as possible. 🙂

    Also, I didn’t get a chance to respond to your other comment, but regarding your friend who is considering surrogacy, let her know that she is welcome to contact me whenever with any questions or just to chat! There are so few of us IMs (intended mothers) out there, and I’d be happy to give her reassurance or advice or just some support. My email is or she can just contact me through the blog.

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    1. Yes I know you are right and if we do make it to 36 weeks there is a chance babies could come home with us which of course would be amazing!!
      Thanks so much for being willing to talk to my friend. They just attempted another ivf round (last ditch effort) and had egg collection yesterday with disappointing numbers but will pass on the details once this round is done. Hope all is well with you X


  2. Extra cooking time is awesome but I know what you mean. You get your head around an idea and then whoops, gotta change it up. It is tricky. Honestly I am struggling now with one tucked away in there, you must be feeling rather full with 2. Hang in there, you are doing great X


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