We are go for launch

I am writing this from my hospital bed.  I have had my first steroid shot this afternoon and my next is at 6am.  Babies are scheduled to arrive by Caesarian at 10am Sunday.  

The last couple off days my blood sugars have been falling and while you would think with GD this would be a good thing it is another sign my placentas are failing so here we are!

We will be exactly 34 weeks on Sunday so with steroids on board hopefully the bubs will do well and be in special care rather than the nicu.  

It is suddenly feeling very real, in a couple of days I will be a mum……  

27 thoughts on “We are go for launch

  1. My twins were born at 33+4 so it will be interesting to find out your bubs weights! I’m excited for you. However long they stay in hospital, I can assure you it flies by! Good luck πŸ™‚ xx

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  2. You’re ALREADY a mum! But I understand. πŸ™‚ It feels different when they’re in your arms. Such wonderful, sleepless times ahead of you. I can’t wait to hear about it! Good luck and I’ll be praying for healthy babies and mommy. πŸ™‚


  3. My twins are in special care right now. It’s a hectic schedule but if you are organised, keep a good set of written notes, get as much rest as possible, including naps and eat plenty! It’s doable. Good luck to you mumma! And don’t stress about breastfeeding. With premmies it’s hard to get going, but every tiny drop of colostrum is precious. And the breast pump is your best friend around day 3 😊


    1. Thanks Emma we are in the 3 HR feed/express routine and i am trying to get as much skin to skin time as possible. We are still in hospital so I am doing all my expressing in the scu looking at babies to try and boost my milk lol 15mls per feed and climbing πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά How long have your twins been in for? How many weeks were they??


      1. They were 36.3, born 7 days ago, but would not suck at all. So have been tube fed, moving on to more and more suck feeds (breast or bottle) each day. I had no colostrum at the start, and one had low blood sugars, so they both had formula. Got so e colostrum hand expressing but not much. On day 3 i got the pump and my milk started to come in. So satisfying! Each day it builds up and the girls are now on 3 breast feeds a day and i pump 5 times. Today we are trying additional breast feeds. They still get very tired from feeding but get better each day. We think maybe another few days before they come home… do yours have any issues other than feeding?


      2. No just the feeding. I have started domperidone and my milk production is now catching up to the girls consumption. We are down to just 5ml each of formula per feed. They are showing some interest in latching so hoping next week we might start getting some actual breast feeding happening. Awesome you are getting so close to coming home!


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