Mummy and daddy go home and an er visit.

After 9 night in total and 7 post birth it came time for mum and dad to go home.  I knew this would be tough but I had no idea how tough.  The staff started talking to us about going home the day before but my milk had just overtaken the girls demand and I wanted to store some in the fridge to ensure we had enough for overnight so the either didn’t need formula or only a minimal amount.  Check out day was Sunday and we stayed till after the girls 8pm feed.  I felt together and ready as we left the hospital but as soon as we got in the car and started driving away I lost it.  I cried the entire drive home and throughout the rest of the evening. I had their little hats to sniff beside my bed  and photos to look at while I expressed. 

We are in our new routine now though I come to the hospital at 7.30am and leave about 8.30pm go home sleep and express overnight.  

Night 2 at home and I expressed at 4am now it isn’t unusual for me to get cramps when expressing (normal as the uterus contracts apparently) but they kicked up to a whole new level.  I was in tears, breathless and in agony.  I ramg the maternity ward and they said to go straight to the ER.  Once in the ER I was given fentynl which bought some relief.  I had an ultrasound which showed I have a large clot in my uterus. My OB came to see me and said we would give it a chance to pass on its own but if it doesn’t I will need to go on and bud ruin meds to soften my cervix and allow it to pass.  It has been another 24hrs and still no sign of it passing so will wait and see what the OB has to say today.  

9 thoughts on “Mummy and daddy go home and an er visit.

  1. It must be so hard to go home without your babies. I simply couldn’t imagine it. Hugs for you. And another flipping complication! Eeeeep! So annoying. I hope it clears easily and you aren’t in too much pain xx


    1. Going home was so tough but I am adjusting to it now girls are going from strength to strength and Alia is now 2kgs!! Hoping this clot will pass but it is not looking like it will will see what the OB has to say today.

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  2. Aw it must be so incredibly hard to leave them. My cousin, who also did IVF, had to do the same with her twins. Very tough. And to top it off, that clot. Ugh, im sorry. Hope u feel better soon & this time in the NICU flies by!!


  3. I hope your clot passes without intervention. Your babies are on good hands but that doesn’t make it any easier to leave them in the NICU. Hopefully they’ll be home before you know it.


  4. Congrats on your girls and I feel for you with what you are going through. Adjusting to motherhood and going through the baby blues is hard enough without having to cope with your babies being in hospital and the gastric flu episode and now this clot. I really hope that clears for you soon. Sounds like the girls are doing really great though, and you sound upbeat despite it all too. Isn’t it wonderful just to keep realising you are a mummy!


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