The gastro epidemic!!

So last time I updated you on the birth and then the subsequent day when the girls were transferred to the private hospitals scu.  That night I awoke at about 11.30pm to the sound of hubby vomitting this continued for the next hour or so.  Now hubby is a bit known for reheating things past their date so I assumed he had food poisoning.  The midwife came in to check me and asked if he had diarrhoea which at that stage he did not, but by 3am though that had started.  At this point the nurse said he would have to leave and I was to be confined to my room till they had consulted with infection control in the morning.  I completely lost it thinking I would not be able to see my babies cue floods of tears!  Poor hubby couldn’t even console me at the risk of infecting me!  Hubbies parents came and collected him and he was barred from the hospital till he was 48hr symptom free.  So there I was alone with day 3 baby blues kicking in thinking I was going to be shut in my room unable to see my babies.  

Luckily infection control advised to move me to a new room, disinfect everything and they would setup a corner of the special care nursery for me with my own breast pump etc. it was then I discovered that 2 dads, one mum and 6 staff had been infected!!! Luckily the hospital got it under control quickly and no one else was impacted.  

During this time I also was struggling to express and was lucky to get even a ml of colostrum and the girls were on 28ml and 30ml respectively so were being supplemented with formula.  I felt like I was letting them down.  I started on lactation herbs and domperidone and thankfully by Friday my milk production caught up to the girls consumption and I am now producing 200mls per express and the girls only need 100mls .  

8 thoughts on “The gastro epidemic!!

  1. Yay that your milk has caught up. Wooot! So lucky none of the babies got the bug. Imagine!!! Eeeep. It would have been pretty overwhelming for you though without having hubby there to lean on and be with you and the babies. Such shocking timing for it all!!! Glad everyone is ok now and that you and babies didn’t wind up with it xx


  2. Oh no! Poor hubby and poor you. Thats amazing milk supply though! You are doing fantastic! I never had much colostrum either but plenty of milk.


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