One year on

I recieved notification today that it has been one year since I joined WordPress.  What a year it has been I have met so many wonderful women and recieved some amazing support.  I have shared some of my lowest lows, my highest highs and my hopes and dreams.  Thank you to everyone who has been along for the ride your support has meant so much!!!  

I have not posted for sometime but have been following everyone’s journeys. Things here are good we are now 26 weeks and the girls are growing well.  We are trying to get organised for there arrival and are busy with shopping and working on the nursery.  Thankfully we have had no bleeds since 16 weeks which has been such a relief.  Twin pregnancy is not easy though as my severe all day sickness passed it was replaced by terrible indigestion and pregnancy carpule tunnel syndrome but I shouldn’t complain I am still so lucky to be pregnant.  


20 week scan

So yesterday was our 20 week scan.  Neither baby was keen to cooperate so it took 2 hours including lots of lying on my stomach, jumping up and down, walking and of course the ultrasound tech prodding and wobbling my stomach trying to get babies to move!  Everything looks good although one baby is outgrowing the other which lessens our chances of getting to try for a natural delivery but we will discuss that with the OB in a couple of weeks. 

The big news of course is that we are team pink all the way!  Twin girls!! Hubby was intitially a little disappointed, I think most dads to be imagine all the things they will do with their son but he seems to be over that now and excited about our two little girls.  

Here is a pic of the gender reveal cake I made for work which everyone really enjoyed!!

I am still here

Yet again I have been s little quiet here in blog land but I have been keeping up with everyone’s journeys.  

The twins are doing well and I am now 18 weeks pregnant.  It has been 3 weeks since our last bleed which is a record I am hoping will keep climbing and we have had 72hrs spot free so I am desperately hoping we might be at the end of the drama,well fingers crossed. 

We had a scan last week our OB was able to tell us that twin b is a little girl!!! Twin A takes after its cyclist father and was pedalling its little legs like mad so we have to wait till the 20week scan for that one!  

I have ordered the cots and change table and hubby has cleaned out the bike room which will be the nursery so it is all starting to feel real!  

My bump is growing and I look more pregnant than fat these days which is nice!  I still play s game with hubby most mornings, fat or pregnant? He wasn’t good at it to start with always opting for pregnant but he is a bit more honest now!  

Happy Australia Day everyone!! 

Any Aussie serial testers out there?

I have a bunch of pregnancy and a bunch of ovulation tests I would love to go to a good home!  I have two frer and about half a dozen clinic provided pregnancy tests plus a large number of ovulation strips.  If anyone would like them let me know and I can pop them in post to you. Prefer someon in Australia to keep the postage costs down.  



Apologies all I have been quiet for a while.  Things have been progressing well with the twins and we had our 14 week appointment with h the OB in Tuesday and booked in for the hospital.  

Wednesday morning I woke up to another big bleed filling 3 pads in 2.5 hours and a severe headache.  I rand the OB to find out what I could take and also what he wanted to do about the bleed.  He rang back an hour or so later to say to come in and that I could take Mersyndol which I was thankful for as I did not want it to reach a migraine. An hour or so later when I was able to leave a dark room we journeyed into see the OB.  It is strange walking up there I just knew everything would be ok we had seen the twins the day before and this being my third bleed I am strangely desensitised.  This may be tmi but for anyone else who is or may suffer from bleeds mine are a gush (or 3 this time) with a lot of bright red blood with no pain or cramping followed by spotting.  Once we got into the OB we were straight on the scanner to see both twins happily moving around  heartbeats strong and seemingly unaware of any drama going on around them.  There was evidence of a very small SCH which has always been the case for me despite the large bleeds.  I am back with the OB next week for a check of my cervix just to make sure that there are no polyps contributing to my bleeding although I highly doubt a polyp would have been missed with the attention my cervix got over my 7 transfers!!

I hope the new year brings renewed positivity to all and for those of you still waiting for your miracle that this is your year xx 

We are Facebook official

It is all starting to feel real now!  We had our Nuchal Translucency scan today and both babies look great and had low Nuchal measurements.  My SCH (bleed) is still there and is around 21mm which is not awesome but they weren’t to worried but said I might get some more bleeding 😩

So we decided to announce on FB as my growing belly is going to give us away soon and we are past the 12 week mark.  Hubby and I both had our own ideas so we posted an announcement each!!

As you can guess hubby is a mad keen cyclist and is hoping I have 2 future world champs on board.  

Scary morning

Firstly apologies all I have been one slack blogger lately the first trimester has been kicking my butt and when I get home from work most days I am shattered.  We have had 2 appointments with our OB so far at 8 and 10 weeks and at both both babies were doing well.  I have been on ondansetron for  hyperemesis gravidarum ( severe morning sickness) for 5 weeks now and still can only sometimes eat and it is still mostly crackers so basically the twins are putting me through my paces!  Apart from that everything was going well until this morning.  This morning I woke up and went to the toilet and felt a gush and wiped to discover every pregnant womans worst nightmare bright red blood.  I ran back to bed and told hubby and we decided to wait till the OB opened in an hour rather than rush to a & e.  I rang the OB and they booked me in for a scan at 10 which was the longest wait of my life.  I managed to keep myself calm focussing on the fact I had no cramping or clots.  

The lady we had for the scan was amazing she checked both babies and showed us their heartbeats straight away.  Such a relief and hubby and I both had a little cry. She did find a small subchrionic haematoma which just on the edge of twin A’s placenta but is small and shouldn’t cause a issue but may mean we see some more bleeding.  The twins are starting to look more like babies than blobs which is exciting and we will get to see them in one short week for our NT scan!

OB has said I need to take it easy and poor hubby we are to continue on pelvic rest which we have been I since our earlier spotting and was due to finish in a few short days.  Here are some pics from today!

Special shout outs to Emily Maine who must have sensed this mornings drama and texted me and congrats to Taking our family from 3 to 4 on the birth of her gorgeous little girl.  

First OB appointment

We had our first OB appointment today and all was well with the twins.  We are 8 weeks today and the babies hearts were beating at 149 and 158 respectively.  Hubby felt the dr was a bit negative but I think he was just upfront, we are not out of the woods yet it is still early days etc. plus the normal   Down syndrome screening discussion.  I think he was even more upset that the dr continued pelvic rest till at least 12 weeks! (I.e. No action for him).  I  have been on zofran for the last week due to severe nausea which is helping and means I can actually eat!! Apart from that not much to report except for the tightening of all my trousers I think I will be in maternity pants or at least a larger size in no time! 

I may not be posting as much but am keeping up and thinking of you all! 

Viability Scan

Today was our viability scan at 6 weeks 2 days.  My day started with raging nausea which I took to be a good sign but it made getting ready to go a bit of a struggle!!  We headed into the clinic and I was feeling excited but terrified.  I have read so many stories of first scans ending in disappointment and was convinced we would get in there and it would be bad news, particularly as I had spotted for the first two weeks.  We got straight down to business and straight away located a sac, I was momentarily terrified as there didn’t seem to be anything in it but the Dr quickly started measuring and then moved the dildo cam to reveal…………another sac………..  That’s right folks we have 2 babies on board!  Both sack and babies measured right on schedule and had heart rates of 115bpm and 118bpm respectively.  We are pretty shell shocked after so many transfers ending in nothing but a BFN we never believed that both our little embabies would take!!  Thank you to all my IF sisters for your assistance though out this journey your support and advice have been invaluable.  Of course our journey is far from over and there are still lots of hurdles to pass yet but it really was a big one today and I finally feel a little excited to be pregnant!