OB Update

So in news just in our babies will be arriving in the next 2 weeks!  Basically the OB said today best case scenario is that we will have an elective C-section at 34 weeks (next Sunday) but if my Doppler readings further deteriorate on Friday or next Tuesday possibly sooner.  Either way by this time next week I am likely to be in hospital as will need to have steroids before the delivery.  I am half excited and half terrified.  Things are starting to get very real!!!!  Keep everything crossed we can make it another week and a half!



Bad to worse

So today was a day of bad to worse.  I started the day with a trip to the endocrinologist, now these appointments are usually uneventful.  Today was the usual thyroid is fine, insulin up due to fasting results still being a little high.  Then he took my blood pressure…… Now since seeing the OB my blood pressure has sat around 110-120/60-70 today’s result 135/90 now this is not super high but not great either.  I rang my OB to let him know and he has pulled my next appointment forward from next Wednesday to this Thursday. 

Next appointment was a Doppler scan at women’s imaging.  Now those of you that have been following us will know Twin A was lagging behind on size but then caught up but has low fluid and last scan had high umbilical resistance.  Now today’s scan showed twin b is now lagging behind on size, twin A is still low on fluid and both had high umbilical resistance.  Basically umbilical resistance can be a sign of the placentas starting to lose function and coupled with increased blood pressure is a strong sign of pre eclampsia.  The radiologist said babies are likely to be coming sooner rather than later so we are basically preparing ourselves to be sent to hospital for steroids on Thursday or after our next scan next Tuesday.  Keep your fingers crossed that the little ones can keep cooking as long as possible!!


Apologies all I have been quiet for a while.  Things have been progressing well with the twins and we had our 14 week appointment with h the OB in Tuesday and booked in for the hospital.  

Wednesday morning I woke up to another big bleed filling 3 pads in 2.5 hours and a severe headache.  I rand the OB to find out what I could take and also what he wanted to do about the bleed.  He rang back an hour or so later to say to come in and that I could take Mersyndol which I was thankful for as I did not want it to reach a migraine. An hour or so later when I was able to leave a dark room we journeyed into see the OB.  It is strange walking up there I just knew everything would be ok we had seen the twins the day before and this being my third bleed I am strangely desensitised.  This may be tmi but for anyone else who is or may suffer from bleeds mine are a gush (or 3 this time) with a lot of bright red blood with no pain or cramping followed by spotting.  Once we got into the OB we were straight on the scanner to see both twins happily moving around  heartbeats strong and seemingly unaware of any drama going on around them.  There was evidence of a very small SCH which has always been the case for me despite the large bleeds.  I am back with the OB next week for a check of my cervix just to make sure that there are no polyps contributing to my bleeding although I highly doubt a polyp would have been missed with the attention my cervix got over my 7 transfers!!

I hope the new year brings renewed positivity to all and for those of you still waiting for your miracle that this is your year xx 

We are Facebook official

It is all starting to feel real now!  We had our Nuchal Translucency scan today and both babies look great and had low Nuchal measurements.  My SCH (bleed) is still there and is around 21mm which is not awesome but they weren’t to worried but said I might get some more bleeding 😩

So we decided to announce on FB as my growing belly is going to give us away soon and we are past the 12 week mark.  Hubby and I both had our own ideas so we posted an announcement each!!

As you can guess hubby is a mad keen cyclist and is hoping I have 2 future world champs on board.  


Since getting our positive news I realise I owe a few people an apology.

To those of you who are still waiting on your positive news I am sorry. I know it hurts even if just a moment reading others positive news but I hope like I did you take some solace in the fact there are positive endings to this journey even after multiple failures.

To the ladies who blogged of struggling to be excited about their pregnancy I am sorry.  There were moments when I thought, just enjoy it you have what we are all looking for! I now understand your struggle, this journey does not end with a positive pregnancy test, far from it.

It has now been 2.5 weeks since our BFP and I have continued to spot, it does seem to be reducing so fingers crosses that it will completely stop shortly.  My viability scan is next Wednesday so I am on countdown to that but am also terrified of the possibility that it could be the end of our journey.  They say knowledge is power but in some cases it can be the root of fear.  I know so many lovely ladies in the blogging community who  have come this far only to have their hopes dashed and it terrifies me I might be in the same boat. Part of me wishes I was blissfully unaware of the potential outcomes and could relax and enjoy being pregnant but then again the fall could then be all the harder. I do have moments of joy and excitement, moments when I imagine our dreams becoming a reality.

Lastly apologies to you the reader I know this is a bit of a Debbie Downer post but this blog is my release and the way I can get all my emotions down and work through them.

Love and baby dust to all.