Apologies all I have been quiet for a while.  Things have been progressing well with the twins and we had our 14 week appointment with h the OB in Tuesday and booked in for the hospital.  

Wednesday morning I woke up to another big bleed filling 3 pads in 2.5 hours and a severe headache.  I rand the OB to find out what I could take and also what he wanted to do about the bleed.  He rang back an hour or so later to say to come in and that I could take Mersyndol which I was thankful for as I did not want it to reach a migraine. An hour or so later when I was able to leave a dark room we journeyed into see the OB.  It is strange walking up there I just knew everything would be ok we had seen the twins the day before and this being my third bleed I am strangely desensitised.  This may be tmi but for anyone else who is or may suffer from bleeds mine are a gush (or 3 this time) with a lot of bright red blood with no pain or cramping followed by spotting.  Once we got into the OB we were straight on the scanner to see both twins happily moving around  heartbeats strong and seemingly unaware of any drama going on around them.  There was evidence of a very small SCH which has always been the case for me despite the large bleeds.  I am back with the OB next week for a check of my cervix just to make sure that there are no polyps contributing to my bleeding although I highly doubt a polyp would have been missed with the attention my cervix got over my 7 transfers!!

I hope the new year brings renewed positivity to all and for those of you still waiting for your miracle that this is your year xx