Rooming in!

The girls are progressing amazingly and are now feeding well, so well in fact that today we get to start rooming in!! Rooming in is basically the last step before going home where I check back into the hospital for 2 nights and have the girls in the room with me to make sure we can cope without all the extra support in the special care nursery.  So we may be going home by Friday!  Our paediatrician is really pleased she said for twins to go home pre 37 weeks is amazing!  The girls have their Naso gastric tubes out so we can look at their beautiful faces!!! So excited to be going home but also a little terrified, I am so used to having someone here to ask if I have any questions!  

In other amazing news my best friend who was also doing IVF has just found out she is pregnant!  So excited for her after 5 rounds and 2 chemicals it is finally her turn!! 

I will leave you with a pic of my gorgeous girls! 

Photo update 

The girls are doing well.  Faith is now 2.13kgs and Alia 2.0kgs.  Both are starting to breastfeed a little bit which is great as the last step before we can go home is to be completely breast or bottle fed.

My clot is still hanging about but not causing severe pain so OB wants to wait and see if it passes naturally for a few more days.  

Anyway here is some pictures of the girls.  Faith wears the plain hats Alia stripy hats.  Faith is the naked baby and Alia the other hatless shots.

Mummy and daddy go home and an er visit.

After 9 night in total and 7 post birth it came time for mum and dad to go home.  I knew this would be tough but I had no idea how tough.  The staff started talking to us about going home the day before but my milk had just overtaken the girls demand and I wanted to store some in the fridge to ensure we had enough for overnight so the either didn’t need formula or only a minimal amount.  Check out day was Sunday and we stayed till after the girls 8pm feed.  I felt together and ready as we left the hospital but as soon as we got in the car and started driving away I lost it.  I cried the entire drive home and throughout the rest of the evening. I had their little hats to sniff beside my bed  and photos to look at while I expressed. 

We are in our new routine now though I come to the hospital at 7.30am and leave about 8.30pm go home sleep and express overnight.  

Night 2 at home and I expressed at 4am now it isn’t unusual for me to get cramps when expressing (normal as the uterus contracts apparently) but they kicked up to a whole new level.  I was in tears, breathless and in agony.  I ramg the maternity ward and they said to go straight to the ER.  Once in the ER I was given fentynl which bought some relief.  I had an ultrasound which showed I have a large clot in my uterus. My OB came to see me and said we would give it a chance to pass on its own but if it doesn’t I will need to go on and bud ruin meds to soften my cervix and allow it to pass.  It has been another 24hrs and still no sign of it passing so will wait and see what the OB has to say today.  

The girls arrival

Sorry ladies I know it has been over a week since the announcement of the girls arrival but it has been a huge week.  

Essentially last Friday I rang the GD clinic with my blood sugars and they advised me to ring my OB as my levels were dropping.  I left a message at his office thinking he would just ring me after my Doppler scan.  About 2pm I got a call from him to say to still go to the scan but it would not change “the plan” which was to go to the hospital straight after the scan and start steroids for a Sunday C-section.  

The steroid shots were find but did make me a bit more anxious so not much sleep was had on Friday or Saturday night.  Sunday morning we were booked in for 10am but got pushed back due to emergency surgeries.  We are in the private hospital but due to the girls being only 34 weeks and twins we had to deliver at the conjoined public hospital as they have a nicu where the private only have a scu.  We were wheeled across about 11am and it was around 12.15 by the time we got into the theatre.  Theatre was a little overwhelming with all the people counting things and moving equipment.  The anethesetist got the spinal in without much more than a pinch of pain although hubby was quite disturbed watching it go in!  I was suprised by how high and how close to my face the draping was.  I felt no pain but some pushing and pressure and in just minutes Faith came out and was crying (such a relief) she was whisked straight across  to the paediatrician next Alia was born but this time no cries.  There were a few long minutes before we heard her cry.  Alia required some CPAP to get her breathing.  Both girls were the bought over and I got a quick couple of minutes with them before they were taken to nicu, we had the option for hubby to go with them or stay with me but we opted for him to go with them.  After hubby and the babies left I felt a little list.  I have to admit I found the whole c-section experience quite disconnecting,  I didn’t have that overwhelming connection women talk about to there babies straight away.  This was then further compounded by the fact that despite assurances I could see the babies in nicu in the bed after being through recovery this was not possible due to crowding so I was returned to the private to wait for my spinal to wear off so I could transfer to a wheelchair to visit the girls.  This took till about 9pm that night.  In the meantime I was able to express some milk for the girls.  Alia was in the nicu but faith was transferred to the public scu both girls were breathing on their own but Alia had low blood sugars And required a drip.  The first visit helped but it was still trick to connect to babies in humidy cribs you can’t hold in your arms.  The next day they were transferred to the private special care unit so were just across the hall and by that afternoon were out of the cribs.  Finally I could hold and change my girls and started to feel I was really connecting.  When I say I struggled to connect it was not that I didn’t love them just that I didn’t instantly get that overwhelming connection that other women talk about.  For me it came later but it did come.  I will leave it there for now but there is more to fill you in on and I will write again soon.  

We are go for launch

I am writing this from my hospital bed.  I have had my first steroid shot this afternoon and my next is at 6am.  Babies are scheduled to arrive by Caesarian at 10am Sunday.  

The last couple off days my blood sugars have been falling and while you would think with GD this would be a good thing it is another sign my placentas are failing so here we are!

We will be exactly 34 weeks on Sunday so with steroids on board hopefully the bubs will do well and be in special care rather than the nicu.  

It is suddenly feeling very real, in a couple of days I will be a mum……  

OB Update

So in news just in our babies will be arriving in the next 2 weeks!  Basically the OB said today best case scenario is that we will have an elective C-section at 34 weeks (next Sunday) but if my Doppler readings further deteriorate on Friday or next Tuesday possibly sooner.  Either way by this time next week I am likely to be in hospital as will need to have steroids before the delivery.  I am half excited and half terrified.  Things are starting to get very real!!!!  Keep everything crossed we can make it another week and a half!



Bad to worse

So today was a day of bad to worse.  I started the day with a trip to the endocrinologist, now these appointments are usually uneventful.  Today was the usual thyroid is fine, insulin up due to fasting results still being a little high.  Then he took my blood pressure…… Now since seeing the OB my blood pressure has sat around 110-120/60-70 today’s result 135/90 now this is not super high but not great either.  I rang my OB to let him know and he has pulled my next appointment forward from next Wednesday to this Thursday. 

Next appointment was a Doppler scan at women’s imaging.  Now those of you that have been following us will know Twin A was lagging behind on size but then caught up but has low fluid and last scan had high umbilical resistance.  Now today’s scan showed twin b is now lagging behind on size, twin A is still low on fluid and both had high umbilical resistance.  Basically umbilical resistance can be a sign of the placentas starting to lose function and coupled with increased blood pressure is a strong sign of pre eclampsia.  The radiologist said babies are likely to be coming sooner rather than later so we are basically preparing ourselves to be sent to hospital for steroids on Thursday or after our next scan next Tuesday.  Keep your fingers crossed that the little ones can keep cooking as long as possible!!

30 weeks

So we are in our 30th week!  30 + 5 to be exact!  We were back at the OB again this week and the good news is both twins seem to be growing well!  Twin a is still low on fluid and now has borderline umbilical resistance.  What does this mean? Basically more monitoring and more scans.  He did say I will probably turn up to a monitoring appointment and be told to head to the hospital.  The first step from there will be steroid shots which will need to be done as an inpatient as it will likely effect my blood sugars.  Then a few days later induction or Caesar depending on how twin a is looking.  He said we will not be making it to 38 weeks or even 37 apparently 35 is a reasonable target but it could be anytime.   Hubby had a bit of a panic attack after the appointment I think it finally hit him that these babies really are on there way! The OB did say that if we had to deliver tomorrow he is very confident the outcomes would be good so that was nice to hear!  Back in for a Doppler scan on Tuesday and I guess we will see where we are at from there! Hoping to keep these bubs cooking for as long as possible but will do whatever is best for them!

Gestational diabetes

Ok so we were diagnosed with gestational diabetes last Thursday, only my fasting blood sugar was high and even then only 5.2 (5.1 and over is gd).  On Wednesday I went to the hospital for my diabetes education session and was given my finger prick tester and learnt about  diet etc.  I need to test 4 times per day, first thing in the morning then 2 hours after every meal. The good thing about being an ivf veteran is my complete desensitisation to needles! My day time results have all been good, even though Thursday I had my work babyshower and I had cake and tasty treats!!  But my fasting results are still high.  I rang into the clinic on Friday with my results as requested and was put straight onto night time insulin.  Basically there is nothing you can do with diet and excercise to impact your fasting results so insulin is the only option.  Again I’ve has prepared me well for the nightly injections so it is no big deal really.  I had my first injection last night and this morning I was still a touch high so no doubt when I call in on Monday the dose will be going up.

We are 28 weeks tomorrow so will have reached the third trimester which is another good milestone! Back to the OB on Tuesday to check on the bubs and am hoping they are growing well and twin a still has enough fluid.

Thinking of all the lovely ladies urgently in their 2ww and sending loads of positivity your way X